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"We are a small business with big dreams! But we all are aren't we. The biggest goal of this Brand, this "Company" is to help smaller streamers/youtubers achieve their dreams and to help unite gamers across the globe.

The story starts as a young man with dreams of being a content creator however during the rise of content creation and even twitch, this young man missed the free pass into stardom. In 2021 being a full time entertainer/content creator is a very hard streamline to hop into only if you roll the dice correctly. There are countless people out there with tons of raw talent and skill but are flying by unnoticed. 

The Mitsc is a startup with intentions of combining small/medium sized content creators break into the main stream. There is a lot of people out there who are very good at creating content but a lot go unnoticed. The hopes is that you can collaborate with content creators same size as you or bigger in hopes of expanding your style to a variety of people that normally you would not have been introduced to beforehand


A small dream and a lot of work can change the face of content and that is where we are now. 

This is the online shop for the Official Mitsc Facebook/Instagram page. On here you can find custom keycaps, mouse pads and more!

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